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Programme Approval Introduction

The process of programme approval is managed by the Academic Quality and Enhancement Team on behalf of the Learning and Teaching Committee.

The Academic Calendar sets out the timescale for the submission and approval of Phase 2 applications for new programmes.

Overview of Phase 2 Approval

Following Phase 1 approval of the outline proposal, a detailed submission for a new programme should be drawn up by the School(s). Phase 2 approval consists of approval at School level via the School Board prior to the University level Programme Approval. The Phase 2 approval process is designed to ensure that:

  • the introduction of a new programme has been discussed and agreed upon at School(s) and at University level
  • the programme is academically coherent, the curriculum is relevant to the aims and learning outcomes of the programme and the standards of the award are appropriate
  • measures are in place to provide a high quality learning experience for students

Proposals for new programmes of study involving new or existing partners must firstly be considered and approved by the Academic Partnerships Sub-Committee of the Learning and Teaching Committee in accordance with University policy. In the case of new partners this will involve formal approval of the partner by Senate.