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Programme Approval and Review Panel Membership

Programme approval is undertaken by a Programme Approval/Review Panel comprising:

  • Academic and support staff drawn from a suitably experienced and trained University-wide pool
  • A student representative
  • A PSRB representative as appropriate.

One or more External Experts approved by the External Examiners and External Experts Sub-Committee will provide reports on a standard template to inform the Panel's decision making process.

The role and remit of Programme Approval Panel

The Programme Approval Panel comprises a group of experts including a student representative, from within and outside the University. It will bring professional expertise and the student perspective to bear on proposals submitted by Schools with the aim of assuring the quality and standards of the University's taught provision.

The Panel will focus on:

  • the overall coherence of the proposal.
  • its consistency in terms of curriculum and organisation.
  • and its compliance with University and external regulations and policy, including the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ) and the UK Quality Code for Higher Education (external website).
  • PSRB requirements.