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Format and conduct of the Programme Approval Panel meeting

While the exact format and conduct of Panel meetings may vary, they should all aim to give Panel members as full a picture as possible of the proposed programme and will follow the general format outlined below.

  • When they meet to consider a programme proposal, the Programme Approval Panel members will first spend some time comparing their views and agreeing the lines of enquiry they wish to pursue to gain a comprehensive view of the programme’s intentions.
  • They will then invite School representatives to join them, initially to give a brief overview of the proposal, to draw to the Panel’s attention any special features of the programme, and to update members on any developments since the documents were submitted.
  • This is followed by discussion of the proposal, when the Panel pursues its chosen lines of enquiry.
  • Programme Approval Panels will then have a further, private discussion to formulate its conclusions and finally the School representatives re-join the meeting to hear the outcome.

There will be no involvement from the Programme Development Team or anyone accompanying them, or members of the Programme Approval Panel who have been directly associated with the proposal or its development, when deciding on recommendations to the University’s Learning and Teaching Committee.