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Review Panel and Outcome

The application is considered by a Review Panel consisting of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Development), Pro-Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) and the Director of Academic Quality and Partnerships.

The Review Panel normally considers applications in line with the Academic Calendar.

Deans and proposers are notified of the outcome, with reasons for the decision made by the Panel. Possible outcomes are:

  1. Proposal not approved
  2. Phase 1 Approval Form referred back to the Faculty or deferred for further consideration
  3. Approval

Where a proposal is considered to be a major new area for the University, its development from this point onwards follows the University of Bradford Project Authorisation process. The co-ordination of such projects is overseen by the Strategic Planning Office (University username and password required), whose staff advise on the establishment and operation of the project.  Note, however, that this does not guarantee that the proposed development will be approved.

If the Phase 1 proposal is approved, the Faculty should then liaise with the Centre for Educational Development and the Academic Quality Officer regarding programme development and approval.