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A Phase 1 proposal should normally emerge from, and be a recommendation of, the Faculty and/or University planning process.

When considering the introduction of a new programme it is important to ensure that there is a clear rationale for the proposed provision in the context of the University Corporate Strategy, the Faculty Plan and the Learning and Teaching Strategy, and that the practical implications, including resource requirements, have been fully considered.

The Phase 1 approval process is designed to ensure that:

  • the introduction of a new programme has been discussed and agreed upon in Faculties and at University level
  • all aspects of the new programme will be compatible with the University Corporate Strategy and Faculty Plan(s)
  • there is evidence that the programme is likely to attract applicants and recruit the agreed target student numbers
  • resources will be available at the appropriate time to allow the programme to be promoted and delivered
  • the financial projections demonstrate that the programme will be financially viable within three years of delivery.

All proposals for new award-bearing programmes must be submitted for approval at Phase 1 by the published date in the Academic Calendar.

These requirements apply to new programmes, new pathways through an existing framework or programme leading to a new award title, a change of modes of delivery where this has significant resource implication and to new and existing programmes to be delivered by another higher education provider. 

Delivery of Higher Education with Partners

Where the programme is to be delivered in any form of partnership with another organisation the University must assure itself that the practical and financial arrangements for the delivery and partnership are also appropriate. New partners require the approval of Academic Partnerships Sub Committee.

Further information is available from the Academic Partnerships Officers and in the Guide to the Management of Higher Education with Partners.