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A STEM University

The University of Bradford is one of six universities that is leading a £21 million project to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).The national Higher Education STEM Programme is a three-year initiative (2009-2012) aiming to increase interest in STEM subjects among young people, enhance higher level skills in the workplace and increase accessibility of higher education courses in these subjects.

During 2010 the University secured £3m funding from HEFCE to deliver the innovative ‘Building STEM at Bradford’ project. Launched in April 2011 the project is the cornerstone of the University’s forward-looking STEM strategy. The project will design and build an inspirational learning space with high quality laboratory facilities and create exciting opportunities for schools and colleges to use them. The laboratory will also act as a training space for school teachers across all age ranges, equipping them with the skills to inspire the next generation of scientists back in their own classrooms. The project will work holistically across the University, building on the successful re-launch of Chemistry and Mathematics as well as opening up employer based routes to qualification. The importance of STEM subjects in creating high value business, learning and career opportunities is at the heart of Building STEM at Bradford and the University’s expertise will be showcased locally, regionally and nationally as a model of STEM excellence.