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CAYMAN Learning Workshops

"Solving product development and process problems using chemical analysis”

As part of our ERDF funded “Project CAYMAN”, the University of Bradford is offering regional SMEs a fully funded learning workshop which will be focused on helping companies understand how to use chemical analysis of materials as part of their new product development progams or to solve process or current product problems,

The first part of the workshop will be held on-line on September 21st 2022 between 9.00AM and 1.00PM and will be hosted on MS Teams. 

The workshop consists of 3 parts:

Part 1: On-line presentations and discussions covered in a single morning session provided by experts at the University this will initially give you an introduction into the common chemical analytical techniques and how and when they can be used, this will be split into solid and solution based analysis. We will then provide some CAYMAN Case Studies of how chemical analysis has been used by small companies to solve problems including:

  • Regulatory issues including stability studies and identification of impurities
  • New product development challenges such as de-formulation of products
  • Batch to batch process variations including analysis of raw materials from different suppliers      

Part 2: Identifying a company problem/development need and providing analytical assistance 

In this private session with the company experts at the University will discuss/identify potential problems/needs          (under CDA if required) and determine an analytical strategy involving analysing samples of company materials at the University of Bradford’s Centre for Chemical and Biological Analysis.

Part 3:  Presentation and discussion of analytical results and future work

In this private session with the company our technical team will present the analytical data generated from company samples and discuss how the results can be used to inform potential future work and analytical strategies.

For more information please download our Learning workshop schedule below and to reserve a place for your company please contact us

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Solving product development and process problems using chemical analysis

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