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CAYMAN Innovation projects

In collaboration with partner companies the fully funded innovation projects will be performed at the Centre for Chemical and Biological Analysis and focus on using high field NMR  techniques including Diffusion Ordered “NMR” SpectroscopY (DOSY) as a means to better characterise macromolecules such as polymers or peptides and offer a new insight into how they may be utilised to investigate starting materials, processes and products. Our focus is on helping SMEs in a number of industrial sectors including:

  • Polymers and plastics
  • Fine and Bulk Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical devices
  • Food, Vitamins and Supplements
  • Cosmetics

DOSY NMR can be used in many different studies including: 

  • Determining molecular weight distributions of macromolecules
  • Analysis of complex mixtures avoiding chromatography
  • Degradation studies of polymers and other macromolecules
  • To determine chemical functionisation of polymers
  • To identify interactions between molecules in complexation studies

For more information please see our Case studies


Bruker 600MHz NMR