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Project CAYMAN

Enabling regional SMEs to benefit from access to high-field NMR spectroscopy.

Project CAYMAN - Chemistry Assets for Yorkshire Manufacturing - is an exciting 3 year £1.6 million programme. The project establishes new high-field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) facilities at the University’s City Campus and is dedicated to delivering 30 fully funded research and innovation projects to regional SME. The collaborative projects will use the NMR facilities and high-field NMR techniques to investigate how they may be used to characterise macromolecular materials and complex chemical mixtures in an attempt to help develop new products and optimise current manufacturing processes.

In addition, the CAYMAN project team will offer 15 training sessions to facilitate knowledge exchange between the University and regional SMEs to demonstrate the potential benefits of modern techniques in NMR. The CAYMAN project started in October 2019 and we expect to deliver the first set of training in Spring 2020.


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This project is receiving £800,000 of funding from the England European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020. This fund is established by the European Union to help local areas stimulate their economic development. By investing in projects the funds will help to support innovation, businesses, skills and employment to improve local growth and create jobs.

The Northern Powerhouse is a key aspect of this Government’s approach to addressing the productivity gap in the North and ensuring a stronger, more sustainable economy for all parts of the UK. Alongside over €1.5 billion of European Regional Development Fund support for businesses and communities across the North, the government has awarded £3.4 billion in three rounds of Growth Deals across the Northern Powerhouse.

“NMR” spectroscopy

The projects will focus on using Diffusion Ordered “NMR” SpectroscopY (DOSY) and other high field NMR techniques as a means to better characterise macromolecules such as polymers or peptides and offer a new insight into how they may be utilised to monitor processes and develop products. DOSY is now vital in industry for quick, in-depth analysis of complex chemical mixtures.

picture of the NMR machine at the University of Bradford

CAYMAN Launch Event - 29 January 2020

Time: 08:30 – 14:30

The CAYMAN Launch Event will provide information about how SMEs can benefit from undertaking fully funded Research and Innovation projects with the University or obtaining free training and access to our new high field NMR facilities.

Presentations at the event will introduce the use and applications of high-field NMR in many industry sectors including polymers, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food, and how conventional and diffusion based NMR methods can become a valuable analytical tool for R&D. The event will also provide information to SMEs about regional and national grant funding schemes for R&D including KTPs and regional innovation funding and offer great networking opportunities.

Target audience: Companies working in the processing industries or developing new products in the polymers, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food sectors. Companies, academics or students wishing to learn more about new applications of high-field NMR.

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