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Lecturer in profile

Liz Breen
Senior Lecturer in Operations Management and Head of Operations and Information Management group

Liz Breen

Liz joined the University of Bradford’s School of Management in 2003 after completing her PhD titled ‘Re-engineering of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in Hospital Pharmacy’ at the University of Manchester in 2002.

Liz is a research active academic specialising in pharmaceutical supply chain management in the area of investigating improvements and recommending logistics solutions for hospital and community pharmacy.

“I came to Bradford as at the time the University offered a job in the area where I wanted to be and loved, and I loved the place and the people. Above all it’s the people that have kept me here.

“Seeing students respond is the best part of teaching, I love the area in which I teach and I try very hard to ensure that the students understand the subject through the examples I use and the way in which I deliver the modules. Good academics entertain and that’s what sets them apart and this approach helps students to retain knowledge.

“The drive and engagement of the students at Bradford is what impresses me most. The pressure and expectation faced by students in higher education now is far more than it has ever been and you can see how much they are having to commit or sacrifice to be here. The student profile has changed, we now see more and more students who have family commitments and in some cases have left children behind in their home countries. There is a lot of pride and conviction in what they are studying to achieve and I have admiration for their resilience.

“A university education is important as it not only provides the basic commodity of education but allows for social interactions, builds confidence and the exposure to peers from different cultures helps to widen world views and allows students to appreciate others points of view. All helping to nurture an individual who will go into the world of work prepared to work productively with people who think and react differently to them.

“As an academic my role is to facilitate the success of our students paying particular attention to harnessing their energies positively and supporting those who need a little more encouragement to believe in their own abilities.

“For now and the future I’m excited about the growing involvement of industry within higher education, for me there is little point in doing research that doesn’t ultimately have an impact on the community. Teaching is greatly informed by the research of the academic and their links with industry due to which we can bring examples of how things are really done not just how they are perceived to be done in theory.”