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Dr Jim Brooks, BTech Industrial Technology 1969, PhD Structural Chemistry 1970, DSc 2015

Chair of the Alumni Association 2013-2016

Dr Jim Brooks, BTech Industrial Technology 1969, PhD Structural Chemistry 1970, DSc 2015

Jim Brooks was a classic example of a local boy made good. From a working class background in the Saltaire part of Shipley, he went to a village primary school and the Salt Grammar School, specialising in chemistry. He was the first of his family to go into higher education, enrolling at the Bradford Institute of Technology, which became the University of Bradford in 1966. He continued his school sporting prowess, playing football and captaining the University cricket team. 

After graduation, he became a postgraduate student under the supervision of Dr (later Professor) Gordon Moore. The two became lifelong friends. Jim completed the full spectrum of Bradford qualifications with bachelor, master and doctoral degrees, followed by the higher doctorate DSc in 2001.

At the British National Oil Corporation (later Britoil) in Glasgow, he became Section Head responsible for the exploration and development of the Brae complex of North Sea oil fields.

He was the author/co-author of 18 books and more than 80 research papers.

Jim married Jan, a local girl from Shipley who survives him together with their children Daniel and Naomi (now an academic at Stirling University).

‌Underpinning all of his life was a strong Christian faith. He was always active in church work, taking on leadership and organisational roles as well as routine tasks.

It was entirely appropriate that the final connection with his loved university should have been as Chairman of the University of Bradford Alumni Association.

Jim Brooks was a stubborn Yorkshire man with strong opinions, a loyal friend, a talented scientist and a sympathetic listener to people in trouble.

He was one of the good guys. He will be missed.


Written by Professor William Shepherd, Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering and former Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bradford - April 2017