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Max Hopkinson, Executive MBA 2014

Marketing Manager,

Max Hopkinson, Executive MBA 2014

Max graduated from the part-time MBA programme in 2014 and got a job as an Industry Manager at Google. He then went on to become Marketing Manager at

He also guest lectures on innovation and technology at the University of Bradford School of Management.

Max says the University of Bradford School of Management MBA programme played a pivotal role in helping him to develop key transferrable skills and business knowledge, supporting his career progress.

What made you choose Bradford for your MBA?

I chose Bradford for my Executive MBA as I thought it would be a course that would both challenge and inspire me. It helped that when I applied, the Bradford course was the number 1 Executive MBA in the North, as ranked by the Financial Times.

What did the course teach you? How did it help you develop?

The Executive MBA taught me a lot about the business strategies and theories you can apply day to day in the workplace. As I did the course part time, alongside working at Mark 2 and then Google, I was able to put these skills into action and trial them as I went along, which was invaluable. For example, I learnt a lot about reaching customers through Google AdWords and could then put this to good use at Mark 2.
Learning alongside such an impressive peer set massively increased my confidence and ability to both present and debate. I also formed strong bonds with a network of contacts that I’m still in touch with now.

What do you think are the most important attributes a person needs to succeed in business?

The people that inspire me in business are those with a strong sense of purpose; those who are very good at talking about what they believe in, and at getting others bought in. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, but it’s the people who are passionate at their core about what they do, and really see it as meaningful, who can take others with them.

You were previously at one of the wealthiest companies in the world, what made you choose the role at

I saw as a huge growth opportunity. I loved working at Google, but it was a much more mature company, where the strategy and culture were already shaped. I wanted to be there for the early years of a company, and to be part of shaping it. has such a brilliant model and takes its strength from the common enemy of the garage, so it just seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

What’s your plan for you and

We’ve got a lot of exciting things on the horizon, but my main goal is growing and strengthening the company in a sustainable way. We’ve established a strong team of people to take us on our journey, and have been recording impressive growth, but we now need to prove our model with profitability metrics.

Where do you see yourself in 5/10/20 years?

In the longer-term, I’d love to teach business studies to high school kids, by partnering with local companies to motivate kids to learn about the practical aspects of business. It’s so much easier to understand when you can see it in action.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Like my dad! He was a businessman, and embodied all of those traits that I see as inspiring in business leaders: the passion to convince people to go on a journey with them. This was arguably even more important in his line of work, as he sold toilets!