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Lim Keng Swee, MBA Distance Learning 2006

Assistant Vice President at NETS PTE Ltd

Lim Keng Swee, MBA Distance Learning 2006
  •  From Singapore
  •  Graduated from the MBA Distance Learning in 2006
  •  Currently working as an Assistant Vice President, Bank Relationship & Regional Sales, at NETS PTE Ltd

Tell us a little more about yourself
I am from Singapore. My motivation comes from getting things done fast. The faster I can get a task completed the more excited I become. I believe that the more information I can get from learning, the more I could make faster, sharper and wiser decisions. My greatest ambition is to be a great problem solver, I love solving qualitative business issues.

Tell us about what you are currently doing?
My current employment is with NETS (a leading Financial Services company in Singapore) as an Assistant Vice President, Bank Relationship & Regional Sales. I manage the business portfolio of projects related to Debit & Credit Card acquiring services, Retail POS payment technologies & ATM enhancement projects for UOB in Singapore. I have successfully led a team to launch the project for Unified POS Payment Terminal, oversee migration of retail POS Terminals & Bill payments via ATM with UOB Bank to meet the national “Smart Nation” agenda. At a business level, I am involved in drafting business proposal , P&L financial modeling & contractual negotiation. At a technical level, I oversee bank certification & acceptance process for security chip kernel changes in retail POS terminal.  I oversee the middle office banks/merchant boarding process for eCommerce online merchants boarded into payment gateway services. Regionally, I am responsible for business dealing, negotiation and relationship manage foreign card schemes covering Indo-China & Indian countries.

Why did you decide to study for your MBA with Bradford and what did you gain from it?
The University of Bradford gave me the opportunity to pursue my MBA without the need for a Bachelor’s Degree. I took up the challenge and completed my MBA, which was the best decision of my life. The experience and degree has assisted me to become a better decision maker.

What advice would you give current or future students?
Believe that you can do it. An MBA is not the key to everything; it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more years to develop one's talents and specialities. Use the knowledge learned in an MBA as a platform to frog leap.


Published February 2017