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Glenys and Mike Kennedy

BA Modern Languages 1965-1969

Glenys and Mike Kennedy

“Well, if the test of a good course of study is – ‘were you able to use it, did it prepare you for professional life, and did it enable you to earn your living?’ - then, for our University of Bradford course, we both answer YES!”

“As one of the "couples" formed during those golden Bradford days - both of us from the Modern Languages School - we felt we should give some feedback on where it all led.

For Glenys, this meant the academic life: teaching languages in secondary education in England, France and Holland (in an American International school) culminating in 23 (!) years back in Fontainebleau, France, as Head of the Anglophone Section, the international division of a large French State Primary School, Collège and Lycée. So lots of interaction with the French Ministry of Education as well as with Heads of French and International Schools - great fun!

For Mike, it was international business development (helped later by an MBA from INSEAD) within some big groups including Shell-Billiton, Citibank, Compagnie Générale des Eaux (now Veolia). One moment which seemed to encapsulate the whole journey for a Russian/French graduate was working as an independent consultant in Russia in1989-90 (just as the Berlin Wall was coming down) for a French consortium partnering with Moscow City Council!

And so, fifty years on, most of them spent in France, and with children, and now grandchildren, who are very European in residence and education we can indeed look back with affectionate gratitude to our Bradford days which launched us on this journey."

Mike Kennedy and Glenys (née Jones)

Published November 2015