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Chandrakant Patel, BTECH Chemical Engineering 1973

Owner KChandra (BAPSE) Consultancy Ltd

Chandrakant Patel, BTECH Chemical Engineering 1973

I studied on a four-year thin sandwich course in Chemical Engineering at the University of Bradford from 1969-1973. Coming straight from Kenya to Bradford was quite a change for me. I cannot forget my first experience of seeing snow as there is no snowfall in Kenya. Although, initially I missed my parents who were in Kenya, I soon settled down at Bradford quite well and made friends from all faculties. I am pleased to say that my daughter also followed in my footsteps attending Bradford to study an MPharm between 1999 and 2004.

My Chemical Engineering course comprised of four six monthly industrial training semesters and four academic semesters at the University. At the time Bradford and Loughborough were the only universities in the country to not only offer the thin sandwich course but enable the top performing students to spend industrial training semesters in Europe. I was fortunate in my second year to undertake industrial training in the Netherlands at MEKOG (part of UKF Fertilizers). Apart from the excellent training, I had a wonderful opportunity to stay with a Dutch family and learn about the Dutch culture.

At the university I joined many clubs including badminton, cricket, karate, swimming and not to forget BUNAC (British University North American Club), through which I spent eight weeks in the USA during my summer break, where I worked in Manhattan New York, and then travelled all across the USA and Canada. It was great fun meeting other British students on my journey and I recommended BUNAC to many students and freshers. I played cricket for the university for three years.

After graduating with I joined Warren Spring Laboratory in Stevenage as a Scientific Officer for three years before moving to Associated Octel Ltd (now Innospec) where I worked for 23 years in various positions from Technical Officer to Technical Head Process Manager. I had the opportunity to undertake tasks on existing operating plants and was responsible for commissioning new plants at a time when Octel was going through a new business diversification phase. My time at Octel had provided me with an all-round experience in all areas of Chemical Engineering.

In 2000 I decided to move into contracting (Process Engineering / Safety Consultant), and in 2003, as a Director, I formed my own Consultancy – KChandra (BAPSE) Consultancy Ltd specialising in process engineering, safety and environmental consultancy. Over the last 15 years I have undertaken project and safety contracted work in the Nuclear Industry with Sellafield Ltd and also with Simon Carves Ltd as a Principal Process Engineering Consultant on the Process Design of a LDPE Plant.

I recall when visiting my daughter, studying Pharmacy (1999-2004), the University campus had changed so much, with a new gym facility with swimming pool, provoking so many memories from my time as a student. I felt like doing it all over again by undertaking PhD in Chemical Engineering!

Chandrakant Patel BTech Chem Eng. FIChemE C Eng

Director KChandra (BAPSE) Consultancy Ltd


Published: April 2016