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Tony Ku

MSc Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigation, 2015

Tony Ku
  • From Timor-Leste
  • Undergraduate degree in Analytical Chemistry
  • Awarded Chevening Scholarship

Tony Ku was working as Human Resources Manager at international NGO The Asia Foundation before he came to Bradford, and having previously studied Analytical Chemistry he applied for MSc Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigation to "further strengthen my knowledge".

Tony says he chose the University of Bradford because it "has a strong reputation of excellence in research" and is "highly rated in employability".

When he arrived he found a "great learning environment with staff teaching in this course always there to provide support and guidance".

"This course provides great field work with various simulated scenes where students can transfer what they acquire from the classroom to the practical coursework.   

"I would like to acknowledge two of my programme leaders - Dr Andrew Wilson and Dr Robert Janaway - who have extensive experience in the forensic and archaeology fields.

"They have been engaged by the West Yorkshire Police department in a number of criminal cases and been expert witnesses in court.

"They have also been very helpful in term of providing their mentorship not just through the academic needs but also with the employment opportunity network."

Tony says the most enjoyable aspect of the course has been "independent learning encompassing a variety of research areas in the archaeological setting".

Advanced laboratories   

He has also carried out "regular field work to a number of sites in West Yorkshire areas such Baildon, Haworth, IIkley, Moorland of Harewood, Pudsey and Dewsbury with different landscapes".

"The campus (Phoenix Building) is equipped with advanced laboratories like anthropology lab, taphonomy lab, crime scene lab and many others to accommodate student needs for the practical work and to conduct research.   

"The campus is a friendly location with many great places to study, socializing and relaxing."

"The course has equipped me with skills required in this field. The fieldwork carried out across the semester prepares student to engage with real-time problems and come out with solutions."   

As well as the course, Tony has been on trips to places across the country and has attended conferences in London in Cambridge.

He says the extra support received outside his course has been very useful too, with academic and English language support from Room 101, the International Study Centre.

And of course he has made friends outside his course too: "My accommodation at the Universal Student Living is a great place to live as providing an opportunity for the international students to interact with their fellow counterparts."

Academic excellence 

"I have a wonderful time here at the University of Bradford.

"Support that I have received from the International Office and other teaching staff team has been very fulfilling.

"Besides, the university is well known with academic excellence where students have an opportunity to engage with the multi-discipline research across different areas.

"Bradford has helped me to achieve everything that I wanted to be during my time in UK."