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Sonia Sanghera, BSc Financial Economics 2015; MSc Finance and Investment 2016

Projects and Networks Coordinator at the University of Bradford

Sonia Sanghera, BSc Financial Economics 2015; MSc Finance and Investment 2016
  • Born in Canada and grew up in the UK
  • Graduated with a BSc in Financial Economics in 2015
  • Successfully completed an MSc in Finance and Investment in 2016
  • Currently employed as Projects and Networks Coordinator at the University of Bradford

Tell us about what you are currently doing and what you find most enjoyable about your line of work.

I currently work at the University of Bradford as a Projects and Networks Coordinator based in the Engagements and Partnerships Team. I work with the Vice-Chancellor’s Office as the World Technology Universities Network (WTUN) Coordinator working across universities all over the world committed to undertaking cutting-edge research with direct benefits to people and society. I work to connect institutions in the network, coordinate global network activity and organise the annual congress.

I also work with the Alumni Team to coordinate the alumni volunteer schemes including the International Alumni Representatives (IAR) and the Alumni Ambassadors with the aim to connect alumni with each other and prospective students.

Within my role, I get the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people across the institution which I really enjoy. It is also really interesting to find out about the different research areas and projects that the university is involved in. Also, as an alumna myself, I really enjoy getting involved with activities and coming up with new ideas that get alumni connected with each other and prospective students.

How did your University of Bradford degree and experience help you to get to where you are now?

My degrees and experience at Bradford are directly connected to where I am now. Before this role, I completed a graduate internship in Student Experience and Success Team at the University which gave me the experience to take on this job. My degrees taught me various academic and transferable skills that helped me progress through the internship and working for the institute, both during and after my studies, gave me the knowledge to fit into a really exciting team here.

Why did you decide to come to study at Bradford? 

I wanted to stay local when choosing my university and Bradford had a really good record for their Economics programme with their academics being recognised experts in their respective research areas. I also liked the size of Bradford. It was large enough to have good teaching facilities but the teaching group sizes were kept small enough that it felt you had the opportunity to create effective and supporting relationships with your academics.

What advice would you give current or future students hoping to work in your profession?

My main job across my various projects is to connect people and anyone who wants to work in a similar area should make the most of their time at Bradford by getting to know as many people as possible. The way I did this was to make the most of all student opportunities. I was involved in various sports clubs and extracurricular activities as well as working part-time at the university. This helped me learn about all the different things going on so I could work on my transferable skills as well as make the most out of my experience here. Networking is key!

Tell us a little more about yourself, where you come from and your future ambitions. 

I was born in Canada but have mainly been brought up just down the road from the University on the border of Bradford and Leeds. I went to secondary school in Leeds and after completing a Business apprenticeship at Bradford Council I came to the University in 2011. I completed my BSc with a placement at the Government Economic Service in London (2015) and my MSc with a Distinction in 2016.

In my current role, I hope to increase the profile of WTUN and the work it is doing as well as expanding the network and continuing to champion their partnership and research success. I also want to launch a successful Alumni Ambassador programme and Brand Ambassador programme. After that, I’m not quite sure!

Tell us more about the Alumni Ambassador and IAR programmes, what do they hope to achieve?

The IAR programme that was started in the Faculty of Management and Law for alumni who are willing to answer queries from current and prospective students as well as University staff about various topics including their time at Bradford or the country or region they are from or live in. We have a growing number of reps around the world and it looks like this will continue to grow over the coming months!

The Alumni Ambassadors programme is a newly launched scheme where passionate and motivated alumni become official university recognised ambassadors helping to promote the university. This could take many forms including over social media, phone conversations or even representing Bradford at recruitment events. It is a really exciting role for those who wish to share their experiences at Bradford with others. We are hoping to recruit out first few ambassadors soon – exciting times!

Tell us more about the WTUC/WTUN – what are the plans for the year ahead?

WTUN is a global network of technology universities who aim to lead cutting-edge research in various technological fields. The network aims to create and foster relationships over institutions across the world in order to facilitate student and staff exchanges and work together in areas of research with direct benefits to people and society. The network officially meets as a whole once a year at the World Technology Universities Congress (WTUC) which this year will be in Chennai, India in November.

We are currently finalising the programme and speakers for the congress but it is shaping up to be a very interesting event with the opportunities for members to create some innovative partnerships.


Published May 2018