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Sharon Tan Lay Hoon, BSc Psychology with Counselling 2015

Community Services

Sharon Tan Lay Hoon, BSc Psychology with Counselling 2015


  • From Singapore
  • Graduated with BSc in Psychology with Counselling (Honours) in 2015
  • Currently doing voluntary work  within Community Services


Tell us about what you are currently doing.

Currently I am exploring different channels to volunteer in community services.  Putting whatever skills and knowledge I had acquired through my studies at Bradford to contribute it back to the society.  Way before I enrolled myself with Bradford, I was volunteering extensively with hospitals and schools.  After years of helping out the patients and students respectively, I found myself inadequately trained or even qualified to handle certain sticky situations. That feeling of inadequacy, and wanting to better handle such circumstances, motivated me to develop my knowledge and skills to upgrade myself.  After studying at Bradford, whenever I am in contact with people who are a little more challenging to handle, I am able to exercise my counselling skills which I acquired from my degree to empower them. Understanding how and why humans think and behave the way they do definitely makes my work more enjoyable –especially when someone I have helped eventually has something to smile about and look forward to. It motivates me to want to do more to help improve someone's life.

How has your Bradford degree and University experience helped you?

My Bradford degree and university experience has helped me to be a better communicator.  For instance, I am better able to handle and resolve conflicts which might arise in my contact with people.  I have become more analytical, inquisitive and increasingly find myself applying critical thinking skills, in my daily contact with people, which I was taught at Bradford.

Why did you decide to come to study at Bradford?

After attending various psychology talks and seminars exploring my options of where to study; I decided to study at Bradford because of the comprehensive and broad syllabus which I could not find in other programmes.  I was attracted to the core subjects namely social, developmental, and cognitive and abnormal psychology.  The counselling module was also a pulling factor as to why I came to study at Bradford. 

What were the most memorable aspects of your experience at the University?

My most memorable experience when I was at Bradford was when I was able to complete my research project in psychology.  The whole process; from recruiting participants in school to collating the surveys collected, to finally writing up the findings of my study research.  I was grateful to all my fellow classmates, my supervisors, lecturers and school staff throughout my three years at Bradford; for making my experience so memorable and enjoyable.  The best things about my course were the friends I have made at university and the skills and knowledge I have acquired during my time at Bradford.

What advice would you give current or future students hoping to work in your profession?

My advice to current and future students hoping to achieve their goals in working with people from all walks of life is to enjoy every opportunity to learn from both the lecturers and your course mates during your studies at Bradford.  Do not give up and always give your very best! Tell us about yourself and your ambitions

I had worked in various industries including banking, finance, law, aviation and education before I was motivated to learn more about psychology and counselling through my volunteering work.  My inspiration came from the people I worked with - both in the past and present - people whom I see need someone to give them a little helping hand.  My ambition is to use whatever I learned at Bradford to contribute positively to society in whatever little way I can; be it through paid work on a voluntary basis. I will not hesitate to further my studies when the opportunity arises. 


Published November 2017