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Olabisi Adesina, Distance Learning MBA 2015

Lead Solution Consultant, Tecnotree Corporation

Olabisi Adesina, Distance Learning MBA 2015

• Originally from Nigeria, now also a Canadian Permanent Resident
• Graduated from the Distance Learning MBA in 2015
• Currently Lead Solution Consultant at Tecnotree Corporation

Tell us about what you’re currently doing.
I am currently in Nigeria working as a Lead Solution Consultant. It is a solution consulting role in which I manage system deployments and project delivery for the biggest telecommunications firm on the African continent. The role is core business analysis.

Business Analysis is my passion and I truly enjoy seeing deployments come to life from the requirements gathering stage all the way to implementation. What I enjoy most about my job is the requirements analysis and system design activities. I am a certified business analysis professional (CBAP) and a project management professional as well (PMP).

How has the MBA helped you?
It helped broaden my perspective in a variety of ways and the application of what I learnt has helped immensely and continues to help me. I suspect it will be a lifelong helping.

Why did you decide to do the MBA with Bradford and what are your most memorable experiences?
I chose Bradford based on the reviews I read about the programme and also the fact that it was the best amongst the list of business schools presented as at the time I wanted to commence my MBA.

My most memorable experiences were the superb support rendered by the graduate school staff and the real time feedback given by the lecturers. It was almost surreal given that I was studying on the long distance programme.

What I loved most about the course were the assignments that required intensive research and original ideas/critique to get good scores. My best course was Strategy and that also formed the core of my dissertation.

What advice would you give current or future students?
My advice is that you need to give your full attention and make the most of the moment, especially if you are a full time student. The time given will be time well spent; and the feeling after a successful completion is just indescribable. The worth of that degree is of a lifetime value.

If you are studying part-time, you need to understand that the study completion is one of the most defining moments of your life and it needs undivided attention. That is the only way to gain optimal experience from the study.

Tell us about yourself and your ambitions
I am a Nigerian by birth and also a Canadian Permanent Resident. What motivates me most of all is giving back to the 'less privileged' and seeing the smiles light up their faces.My inspiration is my husband - he is an entrepreneur of entrepreneurs. His business model is so unique and I have watched him grow steadily through the application of certain principles, ethics and values.


Published February 2018