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Ji Hwan You, BSc Psychology with Counselling 2015

Soldier at The government of South Korea (National Defence Duty)

Ji Hwan You, BSc Psychology with Counselling 2015
  • From Seoul, South Korea
  • Served as secretary of the psychology society
  • Currently doing national defence duty in South Korea

What are you doing now?

I am in Seoul, South Korea which is my hometown, and have been doing national defense duty since October 2015. The assignment will last for 21 months and so basically I will remain in the army until July 2017. Obviously spending nearly two years in the Army was not my main goal upon graduation however it is part of our national culture and I realise there are always situations in life which are not ideal and so I’ve tried to identify what I can do during my time here to help prepare for my future. I realised that there are so many different types of people in the army and I am helping some soldiers as a counsellor and it is interesting to discover various ideas and perspectives of different people.

How has your Bradford degree and University experience helped you to get to where you are now?

At the starting point of my second year, there was a Psychology Society Welcome Party and I went there for overcoming my fear about university life. In that party, I met many psychology students and was able to alleviate many of my initial worries and concerns. I can definitely say that moment was the biggest "turning point" in my life. After that I learnt various things about not only about university life but also about UK and Bradford life. I met so many beautiful mates at University, and we share many memories together. I will always remember the things we did and we still remain in contact with each other despite whatever it is we are doing and wherever we are staying now. University definitely changed my whole life. It made me come out of my shell.

Why did you decide to come to study at Bradford and what were the highlights of your experience at the University?

I came to Bradford through the NCUK foundation. I remember seeing the presentation for the University of Bradford and then just wanting to study there. There were many highlights from my experience at the University, from doing group work with my class mates as a team, working as secretary of the psychology society, to essay nights and dissertation experiments. Also, I was featured in the newspaper and on BBC national news when I worked at the Pavilion cafe in City Park. However, if I have to choose the most memorable aspect of my experience at Bradford then it would have to be meeting two of the dearest mates in my life.

What advice would you give current or future students?

As an international student my primary thought was about my degree marks; however, as I got to experience more of the city and activities on campus I realised that marks were not everything. My advice would be that there are many valuable aspects to university life beyond just the marks, so try and make the most of the experiences on offer as much as is possible. This is not to say, of course, that you should forget about your marks entirely!


Published: February 2017