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Ilze Kolosovska, BSc Computer Animation and Special Effects 2011

Freelance 3D Artist & Illustrator

Ilze Kolosovska, BSc Computer Animation and Special Effects 2011
  • From Latvia
  • Graduated with 1st class honours
  • Currently self employed as a freelance 3D artist and illustrator

Tell us a little more about yourself
I'm originally from Latvia and grew up loving technology while obsessively drawing everything around me since my earliest memories. I find inspiration in the little things around me and like to absorb as many creative skills as possible and it all feeds into the style of my work. I'm building skills and experience to one day fulfil a lifelong ambition to open up an independent animation studio that would tell the stories of different people from around the world that sometimes don't get a voice on the big screens.

Where are you now?
I have been a freelance artist for nearly two years now and I undertake a wide range of creative work for both start-ups and more established companies. Since graduation I have diversified my creative skills, including learning graphic design and image editing, as well as learned new tools as a 3D artist. This range of skills lets me take on a variety of freelance projects and leaves me with plenty of time to work on projects with other artists, including making an animation for film festivals and graphics for indie games. I love being my own boss and working with clients to solve their creative needs, it's a brilliant experience and a very rewarding feeling to see my skills challenged and appreciated!

How has your Bradford degree and University experience helped you to get to where you are now?
At the University of Bradford I learned the importance of independent studies and the value of establishing a strong network of like-minded creative individuals. I believe that with enough hard work and determination any goal is achievable and I learned how to love hard work with my course mates during long nights in the University labs. The friends I made at university have been a constant source of encouragement, inspiration and support every day since graduation!

Why did you decide to come to study at Bradford and what were the highlights of your experience at the University?
I came to study at Bradford because I wanted to be a part of the big community of international students at the University and to meet people from all over the world. Each person I met offered a new way of looking at the world and, as an international student myself, I always felt very welcome. The best things about my course were always the enthusiastic lecturers, I will always appreciate the mentoring and guidance I received from the staff!

What advice would you give current or future students hoping to work in your profession?
My advice for students is to make friends and be social! You will learn a lot from the lecturers and books, but equally there is a lot to be learned from the great creative people studying with you. Surround yourself with people who challenge you every day and encourage your creativity and encourage those around you!


Published January 2017