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Farihan Adam, MBA, 2017

Farihan Adam, MBA, 2017
  • Based in Doha, Qatar 
  • Graduated with an MBA in 2017

Tell us about what you are currently doing.

I'm currently working on three stages of marketing; market research, marketing strategy and implementation. I work with different accounts/ clients in different sectors e.g. hospitality, media network, art, and retail. Some of my clients are Mondrian Doha along with Marcel Wonders the artist, L’ETO Caffe Middle East and media networks.

I always enjoy meeting people in my line of work, the different approaches of strategy and marketing I have to take with each client and the new knowledge and insight I'm obtaining.

How has your MBA and university experience helped your professional development?

The case studies that we used to analyse and research helped me to form the knowledge I need in the variety of sectors I'm working with. The different people on the programme and the shared experiences helped with getting an insight into how other countries operate, in addition to the elective modules which are now boosting my career.

Why did you choose the Bradford MBA?

Bradford has a great part time (Executive MBA) program in Dubai and that was one of the main reasons behind my decision. I then decided to make the switch to being a full-time student to focus more on my degree. During both programs, I met many students and got to know some of the professors, teaching on the programme, all of whom were very influential.

The Dubai MBA course was very engaging and very active, which supported my studies and work. As for the full-time course, the library access was one of the things I appreciated.

Tell us about yourself and your future ambitions.

I have worked as an educator for 6 years, marketer and head of registration at the British Council in Qatar for 8 years, and have enjoyed every aspect of my career for the past 14 years. Currently, I’m focusing on marketing to build my network and practice, hoping one day I can go back to education and work with under-developing countries and improve their education system.

I have been asked so many time by my professors why I decided to do an MBA, given my career goal is educating, to which my answer has been; to develop an education system in under-developing countries or rural areas, you need to deal with it as a product lacking demand, in other words, you need to understand how to deal with the operational and administrative systems and not only develop education curriculums. In my own view, students drop out every year because we don't market education and build their interests.

In the next few years, I hope to add to my CELTA and MBA qualifications by pursuing a Masters of Education or a PhD to finalise my education marketing scheme and help educate more people who can make a difference.

What advice would you give current or future students?

Always read and analyse every piece of paper you are asked to read, and try and focus your research topics (module assignments) on your current or preferred line of work because that will give you a greater theoretical and practical insight into an area of relevance.



published 2017