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AmnPreet Kaur, BA (Hons) Media Studies 2009 and MA Media Studies 2010

Radio Producer for BBC Asian Network

AmnPreet Kaur, BA (Hons) Media Studies 2009 and MA Media Studies 2010

Proudly stating she was "born and raised in Bradford”, Amn made a late decision to stay home to continue her studies at university. Amn studied both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Bradford. "I did apply to other universities, but when I received my results I decided that I wanted to stay local! "I was able to stay close to my family and friends. Most of the friends I made at university weren’t from Bradford, so I got to meet a lot of different people."

Getting to grips with technology

"When I started on my course media was a young industry but it was also thriving. I was petrified that my course would be super technical and I would be in at the deep end.

"But I learnt so much.

"The technical side was a challenge, but I needed that. The media industry relies on technology, so having the knowledge of how it works to be able to apply your creativity and knowledge is important. Plus, a challenge only pushes you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to strive for more.

"There was also a great support network through my tutors and course leaders, they were important in supporting ideas, giving constructive criticism but also encouraging you.

"The University of Bradford is a great launchpad to help start your career. It helped me gain confidence, achieve great results and also learn more about myself before I started my career.

"My degree gave me an insight into the media industry. It also helped me realise what my strengths and weaknesses were so I knew which area of the industry I wanted to pursue."

Breaking into the industry

"Whilst I was university, I started presenting the breakfast show on a local radio station in Bradford. I caught the radio bug – I knew this is what I wanted to do.

"After completing my degree, I tried and didn’t get a media related career. I fell into the banking industry! It wasn’t what I wanted but it was a secure job with good money. Alongside work I carried on with the presenting on the radio for three days a week.

"After three years I realised how bored I was and knew that I had to quit my job and pursue my passion before I killed my creativeness. That was difficult, it was like starting all over but I knew it had to be done."

Perseverance and patience

"Perseverance is vital. Once you have an idea, stick with it through to the end.

"Put yourself out there through as many social media channels as possible. Most employers like to see your passion and creative side. You need to think of yourself as a brand.

"Patience - it’s ultimately a career path. Every move you make is a stepping stone and it can go in a number of directions but keep your end goal in sight.

"I applied for a two month internship in BBC Radio. I got it and moved to London!

"At the end of the internship, I spoke to the Editor and put myself out there, explained my situation, but also expressed how much I wanted to work in radio.

"I did some training, and was a part of the casual pool of team assistants. After working many weekend shifts and picking up some freelance shifts (whilst also working a full time job), I then decided to quit my full time job in London and fully commit to being a full time freelance assistant producer.

"Once I went freelance I worked across a number of networks (Radio 1/1xtra/Asian Network) but there were two to three week periods where there was no work available. A few jobs came up, I applied and I didn’t get them, but the feedback was essential and ultimately helped me."

Six months later...

"I’m now a Radio Producer at the BBC for BBC Asian Network in London.

"My role is to prepare the show before and after broadcast.

"It’s everything from getting music ready, researching current entertainment stories to talk about on the show, and planning how to use social media effectively during the show.

"In the studio I’m working with the presenter and guests on the show in a live environment. Outside of that it’s booking guests and trying to create accessible and relevant content."

Truly blessed

"Getting a job at the BBC is incredible - I genuinely thought it was impossible.

"I’m still really early in my career but I’m trying to make the most out of any opportunity I get. The best bit is that I never feel like it’s just another day at work.

"For me every day is a chance to make an impact and I feel really blessed to be in this position."