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Jonathan Vipond, BSc Pollution Science 2003

Owner of Music Nation Leeds

Jonathan Vipond, BSc Pollution Science 2003
  • Originally from Durham, UK
  • Graduated from the Sandwich-Thick BSc Pollution Science course in 2003
  • Is now owner of a music academy in West Yorkshire called Music Nation Leeds

Originating from Durham I was not only looking for a degree course that matched my needs but also for a city that would help me to find out more about life. I chose Bradford for several reasons. Firstly the course was ideal and included the all important placement year. Second was the university campus as I liked how small and friendly it was compared to others that I'd looked around. It was also good that accommodation for the university was close as well and the place seemed to have a great sense of community from the moment I arrived for my first visit. Finally, I love a good curry so Bradford definitely ticked that box!

I chose to do a degree in Pollution Science. I felt that the course was very well put together with a good range of modules and a great blend of practical and theoretical content to give me the experience that I needed. The staff in the Environmental Science department was also excellent with a real mix of characters. In my second year I went through a great deal of personal problems and the then head of the department was very patient and understanding and could not do enough to help, something that I have never forgotten.

After my degree I had a range of jobs but eventually settled on teaching music privately which was a great departure from what I studied. I now own Music Nation Leeds which is a music school based in west Leeds. I employ eight teachers and we have over 100 students coming every week for lessons. Although not directly related to my degree I definitely feel that I would not have had the confidence in myself to set up my own school had I not completed a degree. Because of the projects that I completed as part of my time at Bradford I knew that I could achieve more on my own than I ever could before. The work ethic and self-reliance I developed whilst working through my degree has always stayed with me and I owe a lot to the University and department for helping me during my time there.


Published December 2015