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1980s graduates

Nick Powell, BA Modern Languages (German and Russian) 1981

Sports Editor at Sky News

In 1977 Nick Powell came to the University of Bradford to study a four-year Modern Languages degree. In 1981 he graduated with the intention to pursue a lifelong ambition to become a broadcast journalist. 35 years on, Nick has fulfilled his ambitions having established himself as one of Britain’s most experienced news broadcasters.

A double Royal Television Society award-winner, Nick is currently Sports Editor for Sky News having joined the multimedia news organisation in 1996. He was previously Breakfast News Presenter for Pennine Radio and spent a decade at Yorkshire Television (ITV Yorkshire) working as a presenter, producer and reporter. From the smoke-filled newsrooms and carbon typewriters of the early eighties to the fast moving mobile media of today, an innate ability to adapt, keenness to develop new skills, and strong work ethic has enabled Nick to survive and thrive in an extremely competitive field.

In this special 50th anniversary alumni interview Nick tells us about his time at Bradford as a student getting involved in the launch of RamAir student radio and how it proved to be a catalyst for shaping his future career direction. Nick also talks about his fondness for Bradford and Yorkshire, where he spent 15 years of his working life, and the many highlights in his career as a radio and television broadcaster.

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Glyn Wainwright, BTECH Chemistry 1965-1969 and MSc Computing 1982

Publisher, Biosciences Researcher & Recording Engineer

"Bradford Institute of Technology, BIT in 1965, was an ultramodern building bordered by cobbled streets lit by gaslight. At just 17, I was the youngest Chemistry student in the company of other very mature students who wore suits and ties, reflecting the fact that many were sent by their employers. Immediately recruited by the Film Society as a projectionist, I later helped form the student union's Technical Services Association (TSA)."

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Nick White, BA Mathematical Sciences 1983

Head of Forensic Accountancy at Stowe Family Law LLP

Nick White heads Stowe Family Law’s in-house forensic accountancy department. He is a chartered accountant of 24 years’ standing.

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Rosina Jones

BA Modern Languages 1965-1969, PhD 1974, MBA 1985

"After graduation with a double First in German and French, (and no doubt motivated to stay on in Bradford till my now husband, Tony, finished his degree!), I accepted a research scholarship in the Department of Modern Languages."

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Kate Swann, BSc Business and Management Studies 1986

Chancellor of the University of Bradford, CEO of the SSP Group

Kate Swann was officially installed as the new Chancellor of the University of Bradford in February 2016. She became the formal head of the University in succession to the sportsman and politician, Imran Khan, who stepped down from the post in November 2014.

Since graduating from Bradford in 1986 Kate has gone on to become one of the UK’s most successful businesswomen. Kate was appointed CEO of the SSP group in September 2013, following ten years as CEO of WH Smith. Prior to this she was Managing Director of Argos and also served as Managing Director at Homebase.

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Cameron Roberts

Managing Partner, Roberts & Kehagiaras LLP

• Graduated in Politics
• Currently Managing Partner, Roberts & Kehagiaras LLP

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