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University for me was a springboard into the real world

Biny Hyder
BSc Business and Management Studies 2011

Effective communication is the biggest learning Biny took from his time at the University. He learnt how to deal with people in a professional and persuasive manner and this has helped him immensely in networking as a business professional.

He said: “I love travelling as I’m able to experience and appreciate other cultures and this helps promote tolerance and an appreciation for diversity. My advice to students and fellow graduates is to have an open mind and a willingness to explore beyond your doorstep, as these are important factors in personal and professional growth.

“I wasn’t the most attentive student in my first year at University but was fortunate enough to be given invaluable advice by my tutors about applying myself to harness my true potential which they felt I had.

Bed “During my second year at University I started the role of Operations Manager at my family business; Hyder Living, a manufacturing and distribution company based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The role spans every aspect of the business and I’m focused on eliminating inefficiencies to improve the business to ultimately deliver better value for money for our customers. The role provides me the opportunity to learn and put into practice the knowledge that I’ve gained through studying.

Biny Hyder “I met some excellent like-minded people at university with whom I forged strong friendships that I hope to maintain for a very long time to come.

“The University of Bradford genuinely moulds people, shapes them into professionals and the support and guidance provided is second to none.  I’m sincerely grateful for my student experience at University as it has played a huge part in making me who I am today.

“Working for myself is always what I’ve aspired for as it’ll allow me the freedom to exercise my creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and build a business on my own merit.  I’ve recently set up a business which centres on supplying bespoke high-end items for the home. I’m able to travel the world for the purposes of sourcing the products, hence perfectly combining two of my greatest passions.

“From a business perspective the aim for the future is to anticipate market changes, respond to emerging trends, adapt to be a more dynamic business, survive to ensure the hard work that has been implemented over the last 20 years isn’t lost and grow to ensure a legacy.

“Personally the objective is to continue to enjoy life to the fullest by combining all my passions to build something outstanding.”