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No point in studying a language if you've got nothing to say

Bishop Nick Baines
BA Modern Languages 1980

Bishop Nick Baines Bishop Nick Baines studied Modern Languages at the University of Bradford in the 1970s. He told the Braduate that “the University of Bradford Modern Languages department was responsible for shaping a world view for its students. We weren’t being trained for a job but learning to become people who could bring about change in the world.

“I studied German and French and still use the languages 35 years on. I preach in German and chair a commission in Germany. Learning languages facilitated the ability to communicate with and understand other cultural points of view.

“As a student of the University in the ’70s I felt the institution took us seriously, valued our point of view and was designed to make a difference to us for the betterment of our future.

“When I first arrived in Bradford to study, what surprised me most was the diversity. It was such a different lifestyle to the one I’d grown up with in Liverpool, and the magnificent architecture; places like Lister Mills. I loved the fact that beautiful places like Haworth were on the doorstep and that you could really get a sense of the city of Bradford when stood in the heart of it.

“While studying I envisaged following a career as a professional linguist and I never dreamt that one day I would become a Bishop.

“I have very fond memories of studying in Bradford. I loved walking everywhere, loved the curry houses, the city has brilliant architecture and at the time Bradford was a confident and lively place. My most memorable moment was proposing to my wife in my student accommodation at 23 Ashgrove.

“My university experience was turbulent to start with as I nearly left after semester one, but the University and the department convinced me to stay. A conversation with one of the tutors helped me to carry on.

“After living in London for 11 years the idea of coming back to my university city to lead the church was attractive. I am still friends with people I met at University and coming back to Bradford last year allowed me to revitalise some of my old connections.”