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Lecturer in profile

Jon Silcock
Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice and Director of Practice Learning

John Silcock “I graduated from the University of Bradford with a degree in Pharmacy in 1991 and worked as a community pharmacist. Then I went on to do an MSc in Health Economics at the University of York and worked as a research assistant in Health Economics at the University of Aberdeen. I returned to Bradford School of Pharmacy for 4 years as a Boots teacher-practitioner.

“However, career development isn’t always straightforward in teacher-practitioner roles, and it can be hard to work for two different organisations. To build my experience I was fortunate enough to get a chance to become a hospital research practitioner in Leeds. I managed pharmacy research in the hospitals and my role centred on encouraging pharmacists to do more research. I also started my PhD during this time about patients’ self-management of heart failure.

“Another opportunity to return to Bradford arose in 2009, at a time when many changes to pharmacy education were taking place. Teaching methods were being modernised to increase the focus on patient care. It was an exciting time to come back and influence the new curriculum; I looked forward to training the next generation, influencing their perspective and having an impact on their future careers.

“Completing my part-time PhD studies (in 2010) at the University of Leeds was a highlight of my career. More recently I’ve been pleased to play my part in the professional re-accreditation of the undergraduate pharmacy programme for another 6 years. This new programme will completely change the way in which Pharmacy is taught at the University of Bradford from September 2012. It’ll mean fewer lectures, a focus on practical problems and a team-based approach to learning.

“In my experience, University of Bradford students are enthusiastic and have a desire to make a difference, care for and help patients, and are very keen to develop themselves. Bradford graduates are very practical in their approach and are focused on patient care. Our graduates are adaptable, open and willing to take a very broad range of career paths.

“The School of Pharmacy is actively doing more to keep in touch with our alumni through annual reunion events and our Facebook page. Our alumni are involved in mentoring current students and often our students find themselves working with a Bradford graduate while on placement. Our alumni have also been involved in delivering talks to students (for example, about working in industry) and offering general advice about careers.

“My time at Bradford has been enjoyable and continues to be fulfilling; the School and I appreciate alumni involvement and we would encourage the continuation of your support.”