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Bradford gave me more than a degree

Carlo Aldrovandi
PhD Jewish and Christian Fundamentalism and its political impact in the Middle East 2012

Carlo and Sophie

Carlo played professional basketball from the age of 15 and was part of the national first league in Italy, so started his BA in Political Sciences at Bologna University as a mature student at the age of 26. Upon completing his first degree, he decided to pursue a Master’s degree in International Politics and Security Studies. The reputation of the Peace Studies department was the main reason for coming to study his Master’s degree at the University of Bradford.

“I found the staff to be extremely helpful and was very impressed with the kindness with which I was treated on my first day at Bradford. I arrived on a rainy day in July unable to speak English very well but I felt really well looked after and you can’t find that kind of attitude everywhere.

 “Studying at the University of Bradford was an enriching experience. It gave me the chance to meet people from all over the world, and for the first time I felt part of an international community.”

Carlo had an excellent relationship with his supervisor and between them they felt there was enough material for Carlo to continue on to a PhD. “My most valuable experience at the University of Bradford was my relationship with my PhD supervisor.” The work from Carlo’s PhD will be published as a book in 2013.

Carlo has recently finished a 6-month temporary teaching contract at the University of Bath where he was teaching modules on Political Philosophy and in Culture, Religion and International Relations at undergraduate level. It has been a very challenging and rewarding experience; he enjoyed his time with the students and received positive teaching evaluations. The teaching experience has reaffirmed Carlo’s desire to pursue a career in academia.

“I met Sophie on Graduate School induction day and it was love at first sight for me.” Sophie, who is currently writing up her PhD in Citizenship, explained: “after a couple of months at Graduate School we became inseparable.” Carlo and Sophie married in 2011. “Our most cherished memory of being students at the University of Bradford is of course meeting each other.

“What makes the University of Bradford special is the people; the international diversity of students enhances the experience an individual can have while studying here.”