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The Bidding Pot

About the programme

The Alumni Team is excited to launch a new initiative which welcomes the international alumni community to propose ideas for alumni events in their own countries and to bid for funding to support the delivery of these events.

Stemming from the Alumni Team being unable to travel during the pandemic, The Bidding Pot seeks to empower Bradford Graduates to be able to contribute to a varied events programme that is unique to, and meet the needs of, individual countries and regions. The types of event proposals that will be considered include: 

  • Alumni group events including group launches. 
  • Professional networking and/or career development. 
  • Recruitment (student) support activities.

Alumni will be able to bid for a maximum of £500 per event, with one successful proposal per group/location. The Bidding Pot programme has now closed for new proposals. The programme is currently under review with the hope to relaunch in the next academic year. 

We look forward to working with you!

Our Support

The Alumni Team will work will all successful applications to assist with: 

  • Supporting the promotion of the event through targeted mailings, social media posts, and creation of digital assets as appropriate. 
  • Supporting logistics such as creating the event registration form and/or event brief. 
  • Helping to identify and connect with potential speakers from the alumni or staff networks. 
  • Helping to identify and connect with students, applicants and colleagues with international outreach and recruitment. 
  • Helping to connect with our international hubs and partner institutions, i.e. the Dubai regional hub or the China office. 
  • Providing live or pre-recorded messages and updates from the team and university. 
  • Processing event payment according to the programme and university policies. 
  • Offering advice and guidance when required. 

Eligibility Criteria

For a proposal to be successful, the event proposer must: 

  • Be an alum of the University of Bradford. 
  • Live overseas (not in the UK). 
  • Submit a full proposal including accurate quotes, supplier information and how the full costs of the event will be met (if above the requested amount) etc. 
  • Read and agree to ‘terms of agreement.' *
  • Take full responsibility for the pre-event planning and be the main point of contact at the live event. 
  • Provide a summary post event. 

* This will be sent if your proposal is sucessful. 

Judging Criteria

Proposals will be judged against the following criteria: 

  • The method/format of the event. 
  • The number of alumni to be engaged. 
  • Desired outcomes and objectives. 
  • Impact regarding on-going alumni activity within the city/country. 
  • Links to promoting student international student recruitment within the country. 
  • Links to promoting the University of Bradford and its values: Excellence, Inclusion, Innovation, Trust 

Submit your proposal

Proposals must be detailed and thorough to be considered, so make sure you have done your research first. If your proposal is successful, you will be sent an event agreement to read and sign.

Supporting Documents

To help get you started planning your event, we have produced some documents which we hope will guide you through process and things you will need to consider: