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Lindsey Foots (Nee Davies) Group founder Lindsey Foots (Nee Davies)

Interdisciplinary Human Studies Group (new!)

About the group's founder

This group was initiated by Lindsey Foots (nee Davies) who graduated from Interdisciplinary Human Studies in 1995.  Lindsey explained, “I settled in Manchester to pursue a career in IT public relations and marketing (go figure!).  I have benefitted professionally and personally from what I learned on the course and, more recently, from formal professional and personal support networks.  I got in touch with the University to reconnect with friends and fellow graduates and from there set up this group for all IHS graduates.

Lindsey said, “Some of my fondest memories of the University were the infamous Friday Night Disco and Rio’s, where I hope some of you may remember us discussing the finer points of Cartesian theory.  Fond memories indeed!”

How to get involved

This group was established for graduates of IHS to share information, network and provide peer support to one another.  IHS graduates have entered a very diverse range of professions and vocations and still share memories of psychology lectures, philosophy seminars and funny looks from the engineers.

The group is currently informal, a platform for graduates to get to know one another, find out more about how the University has changed and, in due course, arrange a visit back to campus and regional events.

We hope you are interested in this group and attending a social gathering.  If so,  please let Lindsey know at or join the IHS Linked In group.


IHS Class of 1995

Interdisciplinary Human Studies, Class on 1995 at the University of Bradford