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Postgraduate (Home) Referral Programme

Terms and Conditions


The purpose of this Scheme is to recognise and reward alumni and current students who share their experiences and benefits of undertaking study with the University of Bradford (UoB) with people they know (i.e. family, friends or colleagues). By encouraging and supporting a prospective student to enrol at the UoB, the referrer could receive a financial reward.


‘Referrer’ is the term used for an individual who refers a friend, colleague or family member (“Referred Student”) to the UoB. “Referral” is the term used for the act of referring a student to the UoB. 


This scheme will initially be open between 4/05/2020 and 31/01/2022 and will be reviewed throughout this period. The UoB may decide to extend the above period and amend the terms and conditions. 

Eligibility Criteria for Participants 

1. Referrers

  1. The Scheme is open to all alumni of the UoB who have successfully graduated from a full-time, part-time or distance learning programme.
  2. The Scheme is also open to current UoB students who are considered to be in ‘good standing’ (i.e. not suspended, withdrawn or a debtor).
  3. Some alumni and current students may be excluded from applying (see below for who is not eligible to participate).

2. Referred Students

  1. Referred Students must represent new students that have not previously applied, enquired or enrolled on any UoB programme (i.e. not already in the UoB database of active and prospective students or alumni). Previous applicants or enquirers will be eligible providing they last enquired or applied over two years ago.
  2. Referred students who have already applied to the UoB through an alternative application platform (i.e. UCAS) will have one week from the date of their application to complete and verify any subsequent referral. 
  3. Referred Students must be nationals or permanent residents of the United Kingdom.
  4. Referred Students must pay 'home fees’ (i.e. tuition fee rate British nationals pay to study at the UoB).
  5. Referred Students must enrol onto a postgraduate degree (lasting 12 months or longer) at the UoB (this includes postgraduate taught and research, full-time, part-time, and online) except the Distance Learning MBA Programme at the UoB and within 12 months of being referred (this period commences once a personalised URL is generated by the UoB).
  6. Referred Students must provide their personal details by completing a referral form using a link/URL which will be sent to them by their Referrer.
  7. Referred Students can apply for a scholarship after making their initial application following a referral.
  8. To qualify for a successful referral, Referred Students must successfully enrol on to their chosen programme, pay their deposit and the first instalment of tuition fees (unless they receive a scholarship) and successfully complete their first academic term/semester (typically between 3 to 6 months).
  9. Referred students must be self-funded and not sponsored by a state, employer, or any other organisation.

3. Who is not eligible to participate

  1. Employees of the UoB (includes full-time, part-time and associate staff who are contracted to the UoB) are prohibited from participation as a Referrer or a Referred Student. This does not include Alumni Ambassadors or International Alumni Representatives.
  2. Referred Students who are employed by any organisation with whom the UoB has a corporate partnership agreement are excluded from participation in the Scheme. Note: Referrers who are employed in these organisations are eligible to refer others.
  3. Recruitment Agents (i.e. individuals, or representatives of organisations, acting in an agency capacity who generate income from identifying potential international students and facilitating their application and enrolment at education institutions) with whom the UoB has a working relationship or existing contractual agreement.
  4. Anyone who exercises personal consultation with a prospective student after an enquiry or application has been submitted.
  5. Referred Students who are not a national or permanent resident of the United Kingdom.
  6. Referred Students who enrol at the UoB through an ‘agency’, will not be considered as valid referrals. The word ‘agency’ refers to any organisation or individual agent which supports the recruitment of international students to the UoB and receives a commission for doing so. Note: Referred Students who subsequently take up the services of a recruitment agency after being referred as part of this Scheme would thereby invalidate a referral. (The UoB will ensure all Referred Students who apply and enrol are verified as non-agent students). 


4. Rewards

  1. Referrers will receive a financial reward of up to £500 at either the end of January or beginning of July (depending on the date of enrolment of the Referred Student) for each successful referral.
  2. In all cases, a successful referral is achieved when all required conditions detailed in section 5 are met.
  3. Referrers can choose to pass on their reward to their Referred Student in the form of a fee waiver/reduction to the same amount.
  4. There is no limit to the number of rewards that a Referrer can pass on to an individual Referred Student.
  5. Referrers can also choose to donate their reward (in part or in full) to the UoB’s Scholarship Appeal.
  6. Referrers can make any number of referral submissions under the Scheme per academic year.
  7. Reward payments for each successful referral application under the Scheme may be subject to taxes according to the laws of the country of residence of the Referrer.

5. Conditions for the processing of a referral application

  1. Referred Students must successfully enrol at the UoB and remain on their programme for the first academic term/semester (minimum of 12 weeks).
  2. At the end of the first academic term/semester, the referred student must not be indebted to the UoB in any way whatsoever or subject to any disciplinary procedure(s), including relating to academic matters.
  3. Referred Students must come to the UoB unattached and not linked with any recruitment agency or partner institution or organisation (i.e. NCUK or INTO).
  4. The Referrer must not be in a dispute with or be indebted to the UoB.
  5. Rewards are made to Referrers on a first-come-first-served basis (i.e. if a student is referred by more than one Referrer, the first referral application will be deemed the only valid one – unless the Referred Student states otherwise).
  6. Bank details of successful participants (Referrers) will be requested (and should be provided) upon the confirmation of payment of a reward.

The UoB reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the Scheme at any point. For any enquiries please email