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International Referral Programme

The International Referral Programme has closed for the 2023/2024 academic year, pending an internal review. The programme will be relaunched soon, with an updated eligibility criteria set. Please do not apply for the PG (Home) Referral Programme if the referred student has international fee status, the referral won’t be eligible. Thank you for your interest in the International Referral Programme. 


Do you have friends or family around the world who would like to study in the UK?

The International Referral Programme rewards alumni and students for referring others within their networks to undertake their studies at the University of Bradford.

About the Programme

The International Referral Programme is designed to reward graduates and current students for referring international students to the University. 

  • You can refer someone you know to any full-time or part-time course (excluding online MBA programmes), which runs for at least one full year.
  • For a referral to be successful, a referred student must successfully apply and enrol onto their chosen degree programme, be shown to be engaging well with their course (i.e. have a good level of attendance) and complete their first semester.
  • Referred students must pay overseas-fees and therefore can not be a resident or national of the UK.
  • For every successful referral, the University will reward £500 to the referrer and the referred student will be rewarded with a £500 tuition fee deduction.

Referral applications under the scheme are now open for the 2022/23 academic year. 

Terms and Conditions

Please refer to our full list of terms and conditions to check if your referral will be eligible or get in touch with the referrals team if you have any questions.

 Eligibility criteria

  1. The International Referral Programme is open to alumni and current students of the UoB (subject to the Scheme's terms and conditions).
  2. The referred student must be an overseas fee-paying student and a national or resident of one of the eligible countries.
  3. Referred students must not have made an official enquiry/expression of interest or application to UoB within the last two years from their referral date. Referred students must not have previously studied at UoB.
  4. A new referral form must be submitted by the referrer for each referred student. The referrer will then receive a unique link to send onto the referred student to complete. 
  5. The referred student must apply and enrol within one year of their referral date.

Guidelines for applications

  1. The referred student should apply to the UoB via the direct application page on the UoB website.
  2. Once the referrer completes a referral form, a unique referral link will be generated. This unique link must be sent to the student they are referring to complete and verify the referral.
  3. Referred students who have already applied to the UoB through an alternative application platform (i.e. UCAS) will have up to one week from the date of their application to complete and verify any subsequent referral. 
  4. Referred Students must not come through an agent, nor use any agency services at any point during their application, otherwise the referral will be invalidated resulting in no reward as part of the scheme.

Make your referral

If you've checked out our terms and conditions and are happy that your referral will be eligible, submit your referral today!

Refer a home student for Postgraduate study