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Referral Programme - frequently asked questions

General FAQs

You can refer a new student if you are: 

  • A current student 
  • A graduate 

You cannot refer someone if you are: 

  • A member of staff 
  • An agent 
  • A current student or alumni that is indebted or in dispute with UoB 
  • Referring yourself (self-referrals are not permitted).

No, this is not allowed. If you have helped or supported the individual to prepare their application or paperwork to come to Bradford, you must ensure that your referral is submitted via our website BEFORE (or within 7 days after) the individual you are referring applies to Bradford or makes a formal enquiry with the University. 

This may seem harsh, but this rule is in place to protect the integrity and fairness of the programme. 

We currently have two Bradford Referral Programmes (International and Postgraduate Home) which have their own referral forms. The form you need to complete depends on the status of the individual you wish to refer, and not your own: 

  • International Referral Programme – Individuals that wish to study an undergraduate or postgraduate course that will be paying overseas fees. 
  • Postgraduate Home Referral Programme – UK nationals paying home fees that wish to study a postgraduate course only.

No, you must ensure the form you are completing is correct before submitting it.

If you submit the wrong form and then the individual you are referring goes on to enquire/apply, the referral will only be valid if you complete the correct form within 7 days of this. If you are unsure on which is the correct form to use, contact

No, there is no limit on the number of referrals you can make. If each referral follows the correct process and meets all the terms and conditions of the programme, the referral will be deemed as successful.

You are still eligible to receive your reward if the referral meets all of the eligibility criteria.

Yes, they are still entitled to apply and receive a scholarship.

This would mean that your referral is not valid, even if you referred the individual first. To ensure a referral meets the terms and conditions of the referral programme, referred students must not use a recruitment agency at any point as the agency will claim the referral.

The referrals team will only contact you when: 

  • We need to clarify information submitted on the form. 
  • Your referral has been unsuccessful. We will include the reason(s) for this. 
  • Your referral has been successful, and we need your payment information. 

If you would like to ask about the status of your referral, email the team at

The full process can take some time, with some rewards being paid up to 18 months after the original referral was submitted (depending on when you submitted your referral in relation to the student's course start date). This is because rewards are only released after a referred student has successfully enrolled AND completed the first semester of their programme of study. After this, a final set of checks need to be completed before an award can be issued. Do not forget you can choose to gift your reward to the student. 

We usually try to work to the following timeframe*: 

Course Start 

Semester Ends 

Final Checks 

Rewards Paid 









*Based on the main intakes. To be used as a guide.

Final checks include, but are not limited to:

  • That the referred student hasn’t been claimed/assigned to an agent
  • That the referred student is actively engaging on their course i.e. attending lectures, completing assignments etc.
  • That the referred student is not indebted or in dispute with the university
  • That the referred student was not previously known to the university
  • That you (the referrer) are not indebted or in dispute with the university

The referrals team will update the referrer when the status of a referral changes, or addiitonal information is required. We ask the referrer to keep the referred student informed of any changes. The referrals team may also contact you when:

  • We need to clarify information submitted on your form. 
  • Your referral has been successful.

If you would like to ask about the status of your referral, email the team at