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Bradford Science Bridges China

University of Bradford's RCUK Science Bridges China is an international research platform in advanced materials for healthcare. Led by the Polymer Interdisciplinary Research Centre, it brings together scientists, companies and hospitals from the UK and China to develop areas in drug discovery, drug delivery and medical technology.
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University of Padova

Our collaboration with University of Padova - Centre for Mechanics of Biological Materials was initiated due to our common interest in polymer processing, in particular injection moulding. 



The University of Bradford has been using Autodesk Simulation Moldflow software for many years to investigate key injection-molding effects such as fiber orientation, residual stresses, warpage, post-injection product performance, heat transfer, and feature replication. This class at Autodesk University 2011 presented the first results resulting from the Autodesk and our university collaboration. The class and covered the experimental and computational analysis of short- and -fiber reinforced components during injection molding, along with thermal investigations of the micromolding process.