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Professional development


How to improve your transferable skills (transferable skills in action) (pdf, 215KB)

Giving good feedback (pdf, 245KB) (docx, 35KB)

Giving constructive feedback (pdf, 244KB) (docx, 35KB)

Effective questioning (pdf, 117KB) (docx, 49KB)

Individualised development plan example (pdf, 55KB)

Contents of personal records file (pdf, 187KB) (docx, 54KB)


10 takeaway tips

Personal development planning (pdf, 192KB) (docx, 31KB)



PDP priorities (pdf, 204KB) (docx, 57KB)

Individualised development plan blank for you to complete (pdf, 25KB) (docx, 29KB)

Transferable skills profile and action planning (pdf, 357KB) (docx, 45KB)

People skills - self-evaluation (pdf, 209KB) (docx, 42KB)