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Effective learning strategies

Teach yourself guides:

Accelerated learning (pdf, 771KB) (docx, 552KB)

Returning to learning - part time (pdf, 1,708KB)

Returning to learning - full time (pdf, 1,484KB)

Managing your 1st semester - international students (pdf, 402KB)


Getting the most out of your lectures (pdf 138KB) (docx, 31KB)

Notes abbreviations for lectures (pdf, 263KB) (docx, 40KB)

NLP predicates (pdf, 251KB) (docx, 40KB)

Presuppositions of NLP (pdf, 224KB) (docx, 41KB)

10 takeaway tips:

Study skills tips (pdf, 210KB)

Effective learning (pdf, 961KB)


Surviving your 1st semester (pdf, 326KB) (docx, 47KB)

NLP reframing (pdf, 656KB) (docx, 159KB)

Useful links:

General study skills - University of Southampton - academic skills

Accelerated learning techniques - Accelerated learning

Multiple intelligences - BGfL -  multiple intelligences

Learning Styles - the current advice is that the "concept of grouping individuals as visual, verbal or kinaesthetic cannot be supported" (Evans, 2015, p. 5).  You can read more in Professor Evans's Report for the HEA.