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Dr Russell Delderfield

BA Hons, PGCE, PGDip (Res Methds), PhD. Postgraduate Research Development

Dr Russell Delderfield

Location: B0.13, Chesham Building

Department: Academic Skills Advice

Telephone: +44 (0) 1274 233629


Twitter: @MaleEDResearch

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5714-2497

Research: Male Eating Disorders


Research Interests (key words only)

  • Men's experiences of disordered eating (qualitative)
  • Sociology of eating disorders
  • Masculinities and Critical Men’s Studies
  • Misandry and Masculism
  • Philosophy and methodology of interpretive research
  • Hermeneutics for social research
  • Doctoral education, including person-centred practice
  • Reflective Practice: its nature, impact and value.

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Current Doctoral Candidates

Research Supervision

Dr Delderfield offers expertise in supervising any of the following areas: 

  • Men's experiences of disordered eating (qualitative)
  • Sociology of eating disorders
  • Masculinities and Critical Men’s Studies
  • Men's mental health (qualitative)
  • Misandry and Masculism
  • Philosophy and methodology of interpretive research
  • Hermeneutics for social research
  • Counselling and psychotherapy in eating disorders
  • Doctoral education, including person-centred practice
  • Reflective Practice: its nature, impact and value.

And any combination, thereof.

Postgraduate Teaching (Research and Scholarship Skills)

  • Mixed Methods Research – An Introduction
  • Critical Thinking & Problem-solving for Doctoral Students
  • Enhancing Rigour in Qualitative Research: Keeping a Research Journal 
  • Understanding Ethical Research for Doctoral Students
  • Focus Group Skills for Researchers 
  • From Beginning to End: Managing Your Doctoral Studies
  • Getting to Grips with Method and Methodology 
  • Interpretive Methods for Qualitative Data
  • Interviewing Skills for Research
  • Literature Reviewing Skills 1: Engaging Critically with Texts 
  • Literature Reviewing Skills 2: Making Sense of a Body of Work
  • Presenting Skills for Doctoral Students 
  • Vitae - Hands-on! 
  • Developing as a Researcher – the Researcher Development Framework
  • Working With Your Supervisors 
  • Writing a Research Proposal 
  • Writing for Publication
  • Writing Skills for Doctoral Students 1: the Essentials of Sound Academic Writing
  • Writing Skills for Doctoral Students 2: Crafting Sections, Chapters and the Thesis
  • Thriving in Your Viva
  • Data Management for Doctoral Researchers
  • Ethical Approval Process Form Completion – Practical Advice for Doctoral Researchers
  • Shut Up and Write!
  • The Researcher Development Framework and PDP for researchers.


Undergraduate Teaching

  • 3rd Year Psychology - Male Disorder Eating
  • Writing skills at all levels of study
  • Research skills for dissertations and final year projects
  • Literature reviewing skills at all levels of study.

Study History

Russell studied Interpreting and Translation in French and Spanish. He has a PGCE in Primary & Secondary Education, a Posgraduate Diploma in Research Methodology and his PhD (from University of Bradford) is in the study of male eating disorders, which he was awarded with no corrections. 

Professional History

Dr Delderfield has had a varied career prior to being the Senior Postgraduate Research Development specialist, this has included working as:

  • language resource centre manager for France Télécom 
  • a primary school teacher
  • primary school senior management
  • head of English language education centre
  • lecturer in education practice for Initial Teacher Training
  • lecturer in reflective practice and professional development
  • a counsellor
  • a trustee of a national charity.

Professional Activities

  • Male Eating Disorders Trainer for MGEDT
  • Volunteer Research and Policy Advisor for Beat
  • Research Ethics Committee Panel Reviewer
  • Reviewer for SAGE Publications and Epigeum educational resources
  • Member of the British Eating Disorders Society
  • Member of Male Psychology Network
  • Member of the International Society of Critical Health Psychology
  • Member of the Association for Learning Developers in Higher Education
  • Former trustee of national male eating disorders charity
  • I peer-review for the following scholarly journals:
    • Psychology of Men and Masculinity Journal
    • International Journal of Health Promotion and Education
    • International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education.


Research Areas

Dr Deldefield's doctoral study was entitled Exploring male disordered eating: a hermeneutic study of men’s relationships with food, body and self. Russell's work is broadly sociological and also draws on social psychology. His research uses stories to explore issues of identity, selfhood, gender, masculinities and eating disorder. He is also working on understandings of misandry within society, the philosophical underpinnings of masculism as a counterpart to feminism, and the nature of qualitative inquiry when using interpretive approaches such as hermeneutics, phenomenology, discourse analysis, narrative analysis, memory work, biographical work and dialogical analysis. 

He is also interested in pedagogic and andragogic work that explores social and emotional aspects of learning, person-centred practice and, in particular, reflective practice.

For further details on current work please see Russell's research webpage and research journal.

Publications and Papers Presented

Bolton, G. with Delderfield, R. (2018) Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development, 5th Edition. London: SAGE Publications.

Delderfield, R. (In Preparation) Ambivalent Men? The experiences of males with eating disorders.

Delderfield, R. and McHattie, H. (In Review) Person-centred dynamics in maths skills development: examining a case of good practice.

Delderfield, R. (2017)  Invited Paper: When the researcher is a wounded storyteller: exploring emotional labour & personal impact in research. University of Leeds: Counselling and Psychotherapy Conference, Baines Wing, School of Healthcare.

Delderfield, R. (2017) The experiences of disordered eating in men [online]., May 2017.

Delderfield, R. (2016) Public Lecture: Men, gender and misandry: breaching the binary. University of Bradford: Diversity Festival 2016.

Delderfield, R. (2016) Freedom and chains: the duality of the university experience for young men with eating disorders. University and College Counselling Journal. Issue: May 2016

Delderfield, R. and Scott, L. (2016) ‘The Writing Room’: creating space for student academic writing in a shared environment. University of Bradford: Inaugural Learning, Teaching and Research Conference: Exploring the Research-Teaching Nexus.

Delderfield, R. (2015) Invited KeynoteMen under fire: male disordered eating and challenged masculinity.  Brighton: Inaugural National Male Eating Disorders Conference.

Delderfield, R. (2015) Misandry and the Second Sexism. University of Bradford: Centre for Applied Social Research Seminar.

Delderfield, R. (2014) Men have eating disorders too — and often can’t talk about them. The Conversation. April 2014

Delderfield, R. (2014) Male Eating Disorders: Misconceptions and Mistreatment. University of Bradford: Mental Health Lunchtime Bites.

Delderfield, R. (2014) Men Get Eating Disorders Too. Huddersfield: FEDS & University of Huddersfield Psychology Section.

Delderfield, R. (2013) Coming out of the food cupboard: supporting young men with eating disorders. The Association for University & College Counselling Journal. Issue: March 2013.

Delderfield, R. (2013) Men with Eating Disorders: in their own words. Manchester: Lesbian & Gay Foundation.

Delderfield, R. (2012) ‘There’s no such thing as bisexual, it’s just greediness’: Bisexual Men and Eating Disorders – Making the Case for Better Understanding. University of Bradford: BiReCon.

Beckett, C. and Delderfield, R (2012) SkillSpace@Bradford: Making Personal Academic Tutoring Matter from Day One. University of Bradford: 11th Annual Learning & Teaching Conference.

Delderfield, R. (2011) Pulling It All Together. University of Bradford: Re-Thinking Hate Crime? Bringing Theory and Practice Together.

Delderfield, R. (2011) Men on the Menu: Early Impressions of Men’s Experiences with Food, Body Image and Self-perception. Brighton: MGEDT Conference.

Delderfield, R. (2009) Eating Disorders and Ethical Dilemmas, Either Way it’s ED. University of Bradford: 3rd Graduate Conference on Social Sciences and Management.

Delderfield, R. (2008) Queer Eating: Bracketing Issues of Sexuality and Bulimia Nervosa for Hermeneutic Research. Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Becoming or Unbecoming? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Research in the 21st Century.

Hartley, P. and Delderfield, R. (2007) Managing student behaviour – towards new university practice and policy. University of Bradford: Annual Learning & Teaching Conference.


My work also appears in:

Bolton, G. (2014) Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development, 4th ed. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.

Duppong, J. (2013) You Can’t Just Eat a Cheeseburger: How to Thrive Through Eating Disorder Recovery. Amazon: Marston Gate.

Crilly, L. (2012) Hope with Eating Disorders. London: Hay House UK.



Public Engagement and Media

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