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Our vision of a sustainable campus

At the University of Bradford we are committed to sustainability. We have won several awards for our sustainable campus, including the Environmental Industry Award at the 2018 Educate North awards, and our campus is rated 14th greenest in the world in the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking 2018.

Our four core objectives

Working towards a sustainable education

Shaping a more sustainable future by engaging students, staff, the local community and employers on the skills and knowledge needed in the pursuit of sustainable development.

Working towards a healthy environment

Protecting the environment by minimising our resource use and emissions whilst also enhancing the surrounding environment.

Working towards social wellbeing

Creating a greener, safer environment in which our students, staff and the local community can live, interact, study, and be active. 

Working towards a thriving economy

Developing research, innovation and knowledge transfer to bring greater prosperity to our students, the University, City and Region.


Ecoversity is the University of Bradford’s programme of embedding sustainable development across everything that we do.

It is an ambitious and visionary programme creating change across the whole of the University and not just about how we build and run our estate or just the environment, but also:

  • how we embed sustainable development into the formal and informal learning experience of all our students
  • involving all our staff, students and visitors
  • addressing our social responsibilities
  • fostering a sense of community and engendering wellbeing


Our award-winning sustainable campuses are a green oasis in the urban centre of Bradford.  We have some of the world’s most environmentally friendly buildings, loads of edible planting and prime places for relaxing and learning informally about sustainability.

You can explore our campus online through our Virtual Experience.


We have been working hard through sustainable refurbishment, construction, building management and renewables to bring down our carbon footprint.  We are making great strides towards our 50% reduction target by 2020 having already saved over 30% since 2005. 

An image of a solar panel on the roof of The Green student village


We have been using the UNESCO framework to define our approach to ESD and have adopted formal requirements for ESD to be articulated in the Course Approval and Review Process (CARP).

The Centre for Sustainable Environments involves a dedicated team of specialists from across the University who are developing the knowledge and capabilities that will enable more sustainable environments to be created.

An image of a student writing on a whiteboard