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Environmental Management at Estates

The success of Ecoversity has not only embedded sustainable principles and practices across the entire institution it has delivered a wide range of positive environmental impacts.

We have developed this web site to allow open access to data and strategies related to our improved environmental performance and we hope the sites provides all the information that you require.

However should you have any further queries or would like to provide feedback relating to the website please contact us.

Estates and Facilities - We are All the Sustainability Team!

Our team is broad reaching, specific members of staff not mentioned here are delivering sustainability improvements across our operation all the time as standard practice.  Be it installing LED lights, looking at new food waste disposal possibilities or investigating greener fleet vehicles.  Sustainability is in our DNA!

Our sustainability budget

We hold no core sustainability budget, but there are many budgets that are accessed for various projects depending on their deliverables.  The utility budget funds energy improvements with a good payback, the environment levy makes green travel improvements etc.  This is not a barrier to achievement but rather ensures all measures offer true value for money.  We have also had major success in accessing external funding through Salix, Revolving Green Fund, Local Sustainable Transport Fund and more.

Funding for energy saving or environmental projects can be made available to staff and students. Please contact us at for more information.

Core Staff

Here are some of the key staff with sustainability within their remits. 

  • Stuart McKinnon-Evans – Chief Finance Officer (FT) – SMT Lead
    Stuart is the senior management team lead and oversees the strategic direction of our projects and reporting. 

  • Simon Duarri – Head of Facilities (FT)
    Simon heads up the facilities team which includes waste management, cleaning, portering and security.

  • Sue Walters - Campus Operations Manager (FT)
    Sue is in charge of managing the waste management, cleaning, portering and security teams. She is also responsible for managing the sustainable travel initiative UniBug and our electric charging points. 
  • Steven Bradbury – Business Planning & Performance Manager
    Steven is responsible for the management systems including the University’s Environment Management System, ISO:14001 and EcoCampus

  • Mark Wrigley – Engineering Team Leader (FT)
    Mark manages the mechanical and electrical teams as well as energy and environment. He oversees projects to improve mechanical and electrical infrastructure which helps to reduce our carbon emissions.

  • Andy Hague – Building Team Leader (FT)
    Andy has responsibility for delivery of construction projects and grounds management improvements which include our edible campus initiative.

  • Lyn Ha – Energy and Environmental Officer (FT)
    Lyn is key to delivery of our energy and environmental projects, with responsibility for energy, carbon, travel, waste and compliance surrounding these areas. 


We regularly work with interns and on student academic projects to both help them develop and allow dedicated thinking time to knotty problems. Please email us if you wish to get in touch with us.