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Mohammad Zahidul Islam Khan

MA Conflict, Security and Development, 2013

Mohammad Zahidul Islam Khan

Mohammad Zahidul Islam Khan is a 2012-13 graduate of the Division of Peace Studies, University of Bradford and the recipient of the David Yates Memorial Award of his class. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Reading.

He says the "Bradford experience is inspiring, empowering and ennobling, and deserves to be celebrated".

My time in Bradford (2012-13) was profoundly life changing in both personal and intellectual terms.

I chose to study at the Peace Studies department as a Chevening scholar - declining offers from other ‘"reputed" UK Universities. This was my first visit to the UK and I am glad that I took that decision.

The experience was richly rewarding as it helped me to make sense of many of the puzzles that surround us:

  • Is peace possible by peaceful means?
  • Why inequality thrives in a world where most people are compassionate and caring?
  • What can we do to understand and address the structural and agency level issues that divide the world into 'haves' and 'have-nots'?

An inherent urge to find answers to these puzzles triggered by my Bradford experience motivated me, leading to my current pursuit for a PhD at the University of Reading. But the seed of this was planted in Bradford.

'Absorbing and multicultural'

Equipped with the knowledge from Bradford, I never felt inadequate in intellectual terms – thanks to my teachers and peers alike. All those lectures, seminars and the conference that we were able to organize celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Peace Studies department are sweet and rewarding memories. The ‘Passion Peace’ articles that appeared in that conference brochure were profoundly thought-provoking and stimulating. Indeed the academic excellence of Bradford is inspiring, empowering, and ennobling and deserves to be celebrated on this 50th anniversary of the University.

The city itself is also quite absorbing and multicultural, allowing any newcomer to explore his/her potential with much ease.

The ever welcoming International students' office of the University and its excellent chief of operation Mrs Sue Baker made a lasting impression from the very first day. Thus when it came to my daughter’s higher education, Bradford was my first choice. Like many other alumni, the University of Bradford has been the seat of education for two generations in my family.  

On this occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the University of Bradford, I can only hope it will continue in that trajectory to inspire, empower and enlighten many more souls to make this world a better place.

Good luck and Godspeed!