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Julie Edwards

BPharm (Hons) 1976

'No fancy en-suites'

I arrived in Bradford in September 1973 for “Freshers’ Week” before embarking on a pharmacy degree.

My allocated accommodation was in the brand new Shearbridge Green, on campus and just off Shearbridge Road.

The development consisted of a number of four storey blocks offering state-of the –art self-catering accommodation for twenty four students over four floors – the ground floor offering kitchen facilities. Building had taken longer than anticipated, and such essentials as curtain rails and kitchen cupboards only materialised gradually over the first few days. No fancy en-suites in those days – there were loos on floors 1 and 3, and  a bathroom on floor 2.

The blocks were, or at least intended to be, single sex in those days of course.

Washing machines were not, in those days considered essential and our lecture-free Wednesday afternoons were usually spent at the launderette on Great Horton Road rather than the suggested sporting activities.

A pay-phone in the lobby provided the possibility of contact with home when the grant (yes – no loans!) was late arriving.

On one memorable evening there was a pungent aroma emanating from the first floor bathroom – accompanied by loud snoring! Security were fetched and they managed to wake the poor “gentleman of the road” who had hoped to spend the night, if not in comfort, at least in the warmth.

I graduated in Pharmacy three years later and received my degree from chancellor Harold Wilson, who had just weeks earlier resigned as Prime Minister. I no longer work in pharmacy, but live in North Yorkshire, so do make it back to Bradford on occasion.