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Time Capsule

Time capsule Our 50th anniversary is a significant milestone in our history and development. It provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our rich past, and look forward to an exciting future, as we continue to develop as one of the world's great technology universities.

As part of our 50th celebrations we opened a time capsule that was locked 25 years ago by former Vice-Chancellor Professor David Johns. Staff and students joined us at the opening of the capsule to explore the items that were placed in it and to hear more about their history and the history of the University.

Time Capsule Contents

Time Capsule: Harold Wilson's Pipe by Bradford Visualisation on Sketchfab

CalculatorCellular radioCoil ConductorEnvelopeFloppy diskLeafletContact lensesSenate tapeTelephoneMusical Instrument SimulatorDavid John's TieTelegraph and Argus newspaperHarold Wilson letter25th Anniversary InvitationWound RetractorPrince of Wales PictureNews and Views Uni SwitchboardMenuMeteosat

I recall that there was one of those staff competitions to suggest things to go into the time capsule and those of us whose suggestions were accepted received a bottle of bubbly.  I got my bottle of bubbly for suggesting the inclusion of a really bureaucratic circular about planning and funding. I think it must have been from the Universities Funding Council (UFC) as this was in pre-HEFCE days.

In any event, I never expected to still be at the University when the capsule was opened. I'll be intrigued to see the contents.

Fiona Robertson
Member of staff

Time Capsule Burial

We re-sealed the time capsule on Tuesday 18 October at a presentation in the Atrium with instructions for it to be re-opened in another 25 years time.

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