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World Technology Universities Congress

World Technology Universities Congress

Date and Time:
Thu 8 Sep 2016

The first World Technology Universities Congress at the University of Bradford provided a platform for senior figures from technology universities, business, and NGOs to investigate the feasibility of the creation of a World Technology Universities Network.

26 participants, including seven Vice-Chancellors, senior representatives from global businesses, and the Deputy Director-General of UNESCO, spoke during the Congress.

The sessions covered undertaking cutting-edge, challenge-led research with direct benefits to people and society, providing education for the next generation of global citizens who will have to respond to the world’s 21st century challenges, and University-Business collaboration.

For more information please see the WTUC website.

World Technology Universities Congress

At the Congress 14 institutions signed a statement of intent to work together to set up the Network.

Another 30 institutions are also interested in the development of the Network.

These institutions are now involved in agreeing a Memorandum of Understanding which will be launched at the second WTUC to be held in Bradford on 31 August - 1 September 2017.

"By harnessing the combined strength, resource, expertise, experience and knowledge of a network of the world’s great technology universities, we will create a global alliance of the brightest and best, dedicated to making knowledge work for the benefit of society."

- Brian Cantor, Vice-Chancellor, University of Bradford

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