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China Graduation Ceremony

17 April 2016 - Beijing

As part of the University of Bradford's 50th anniversary celebrations, our alumni from China were able to experience a British graduation ceremony and celebrate with their family and friends at the Ritz Carlton, Beijing.

Graduates celebrated alongside Professor Bai Chunli, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who received an Honorary Degree as part of the ceremony.

It followed a networking event on Saturday 16 April at Capital M in Beijing, which gave our Chinese alumni the opportunity to talk to former classmates and senior representatives of the University of Bradford.

Jim Addison, the British Council's Director Education, China, gave a speech about the One Belt One Road vision and the new five year plan.

Graduation backdropProcessionBack of processionProcession in hallBilly Mitchell with maceGraduation tableBai ChunliRobert ParkinBai ChunliGraduatesGraduates close upGuestsgraduate listeningGraduate in audienceGraduateSmiling graduateView of roomWide shotBai Chunli and Brian CantorBai Chunli and Brian Cantor handshakeBai Chunli with certificateBai Chunli speechBai Chunli speechBai Chunli speechAudienceVice-Chancellor applauseBilly leading processionVC chattingGraduates on terraceMinglingVC chatting on terracePosingChillingGraduation group shot.

"I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to the University of Bradford by congratulating its 50th anniversary."

"Congratulations to the University of Bradford for the 50th anniversary."

"Nice speech and believes education can change world and this is what we are parenting."

"We two are graduates from the University of Bradford. And now we get married. A boy was born in China. We wish you to join the new centenary and have new fortune of the next 50 years."


"Long time no see. We miss you so much."

"I’m very excited I have great memory of when I was studying in Bradford."

"It’s really great to see you although it’s just a video. Seeing you guys reminds me a lot good memory in Bradford. I really miss you very much and thank you for helping me."

"I really appreciate the help you gave us when we first arrived at Bradford. It’s also my pleasure to be a volunteer working for Bradford! I really miss your smile and kindness."

Guestbook messages for Sue Baker

"We always visit you in room 101. Hope we will see you again soon! We miss you so much!"

"I feel very glad to see you on the screen. Thank you for your wish! Thanks for your care when I was in the University of Bradford. I hope to see you in the future."

"My dear dear Michael. Miss u so much. I’m so glad can see you in the video. Hope u and ur lovely Daxi and Amy going well. I’m so happy to meet u at Bradford for these 2 years. Next time, when I come back to see you. Wish u all the best."

Guestbook messages for Michael Allhouse