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Friday 10th April, 7.30pm

‘Pathology of Inner-Self’ is a research and development project conducted by the Lucie Lee Dance Company.  

The project is an exploration of our ‘inner-self’ and how trauma can cause us to break up this picture, reassemble it and create an abstract puzzle of ‘self’. 

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Saturday 18th April, 7.30pm

Soledad/Betto – Speak Woman Speak (work in progress)

Soledad is based on the real events of the 'stolen babies' (los niños robados) from the reign of Franco’s dictatorship.

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Friday 24th April, 7.30pm

Drink with a Chimp – Common Chorus (work in progress)

Featuring chimps, humans, biographical stories of addicts in recovery and a message of hope for anyone who has ever wanted to be 'better'.

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Friday 1st May

Eggs Collective Get A Round

Exploring friendship, kindness and belonging against the backdrop of a big night out.

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Wednesday 13th - Friday 15th May
The Unfair – Ellie Harrison, Bethany Wells and Adam Young

A fairground filled with fun, games and a chance to let off steam

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Wednesday 13th May

Spring Reign - Benedict Power Productions 

Based on real-life accounts of journalists, aid workers, refugees and British based Syrians, Spring Reign features live performance, video, original music and frontline photography.

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Friday 15th – Sunday 24th May

Bradford Literature Festival (details to be announced)

After the success of Lyrical Mehfil, Bradford Literature Festival returns to Theatre in the Mill. Celebrating the written and spoken word in the broadest possible sense, expect Sufi poetry, stand-up comedy and events exploring the politics of gender.

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Tuesday 19th May

Learning How to Die - Luca Rutherford 

This is a show about the actuality of dying and how an acceptance of our own mortality can drive a passion for life.

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Saturday 30th May

Instant Dissidence – Auto/Mobile

Enter the car, become one of its passengers, and go on an imaginative journey that transports you out of the familiarity of your surroundings and into a world of wonder.

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Thursday 4th June, 7.30pm

I Told You This Would Happen - Kathryn Beaumont 

Girl meets boy. Boy meets...

Girl attempts to rewrite script.

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Saturday 13th June

Tribute Acts – Theatrestate (Open Space)

Tess and Cheryl have made a tribute video to their past selves - starring the men who rejected them.

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The Sunday Lunch Project

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