Law of Financial Crime

Module code: LAW7085-B

The aim of this module is to introduce and explore the key legal issues and principles underpinning the law and policy related to financial crimes. The module will also explore issues of practical application of the law and law reform. This module will approach the law and policy on financial crime from an international perspective, while elements of policy to tackle financial crimes in important jurisdictions especially in US, UK and EU will be considered. This module is an important element of the LLM International Banking and Financial Technology Lawprogramme due to the significance of the prevention of financial crime in banking operations; part of the LLM Iinternational Commercial Law, due to the impact of financial crime on commerce and trade transactions; part of the LLM International Corporate Law and Governance programme because financial crime can have a significant impact on the relationship between the modern corporation and its suppliers, partners and clients; part of the LLM International Human Rights Law and Development due to the fact that financial crimes relates to the violation human rights; and part of the LLM International Legal Studies as one of the significant modern areas of legal study that students could explore. This module is also suitable for any other postgraduate programme where knowledge of financial crime law contributes towards the achievement of the programme aims. Download the PDF for LAW7085-B_2023_4.pdf