Emerging Issues in Law (Summer School)

Module code: LAW7074-B

The aim of the module will be to provide a useful insight into the legal responses to significant emerging issues which concern the broader society. The module is a credit-bearing postgraduate module, part of the Law School Summer School which can be available to all graduates from or outside Bradford on a stand-alone basis or as part of postgraduate programmes of the University of Bradford (as one of the options for University electives where the programme allows it). Perhaps more than at any other time in history, the world is experiencing rapid changes in all aspects of human interactions - social, economic, political. The pace and scope of change are driven by rapid advances in technologies with transformative potential such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing and fintech; by the acceleration of natural phenomena linked to climate change and sustainability; by the socio-political transformation caused by rising inequalities, the tension between the forces supporting globalisation and those opposing it; and by health concerns driven by COVID-19 and other pandemics (e.g. SARS), which in recent years have caused economic and social disruption in various parts of the world and globally. All these developments pose a challenge for the law, which has to respond in ways that balance carefully opposing interests, while addressing the emerging challenges. Download the PDF for LAW7074-B_2023_4.pdf