International Criminal Law

Module code: LAW7046-B

This module is an important element of the LLM International Human Rights Law and Development Programme because it would enable student have in-depth understanding of the institutions of international criminal law, encourage participative, independent and reflective learning and the development of personal and professional skills. The module is also a part of the LLM International Legal Studies Programme as one of the significant modern area of legal studies that students could explore. The module aims to provide students with an understanding of both institutional and substantive aspects of international criminal law, examining the sources and institutions of international criminal law. The module provides students with detailed knowledge about international criminal law which enables them to evaluate research and advanced scholarship in international criminal law. This includes the capacity to evaluate existing theories and methodologies and, where appropriate, propose new hypotheses The module helps students to develop the ability to work with their knowledge of legal principles and apply them to new situations in order to arrive at imaginative and innovative solutions and interpretations in international criminal law It aims to develop excellent communication skills including writing and legal research skills commensurate with LLM level study and advanced scholarship The module will examine developments in the field of international criminal law and encourage students to reflect on the nature, function, strengths and weaknesses of international justice mechanisms. It will enable students to gain an appreciation of the role that international criminal justice should play as a part of a wider response to mass atrocity. This module is also suitable for any other postgraduate programme, where public international institutions, human rights and development as well as peace and security studies would be studied Download the PDF for LAW7046-B_2023_4.pdf