Climate Change Law and Policy

Module code: LAW7040-B

This module is an important element of the LLM Natural Resources and Environmental Law and Policy because it will enable students to critically analyse and understand climate change law and policy and to develop the skills necessary to apply this in a range of practical contexts. The module will provide students with an understanding of the key concepts, principles and mechanisms underlying the Climate Change regime as well as the interrelationship between industrial activities, and in particular energy policy and climate change will form a key part of the module. Reflecting on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 which is focused on Climate Action, this module will explore the practical ways to address the global challenge of climate change. It will examine the effectiveness of the international, regional and national legal instruments aimed at tackling climate change. It will examine developments in the field of climate change law and encourage students to reflect on the nature, function, strengths and weaknesses of the existing mechanisms aimed at addressing climate change. The module helps students to develop the ability to work with their knowledge of legal principles and apply them to new situations in order to arrive at imaginative and innovative solutions and interpretations in climate change law and policy. It will also equip students to have mastery of the subject, conduct effective research and to critically analyse and assess the specific climate change issues and apply this learning in the relevant practical context. It aims to develop excellent communication skills including writing and legal research skills commensurate with LLM level study and advanced scholarship This module is also suitable for any other postgraduate programme, where environmental law, energy law, sustainable development as well as natural resources governance would be studied. Download the PDF for LAW7040-B_2023_4.pdf